Alex Hurley

I decided to try and think of 5 quirky statements that help to define who I am for my ‘About Me’…

  • From Wimbledon, England, home of tennis and The Wombles. Google it, I’m a child of the 70’s! I now live in Kingwood, Texas.
  • Brunette mum of a blonde and two redheads.
  • Proud to be ‘artsy fartsy’. History, art, jewelry, ceramics… and of course PHOTOGRAPHY!
  • Earl Grey tea lover. I mean addict. No I mean lover. A few other random obsessions… Cadbury’s chocolate, The Walking Dead, Tudor history, bargain hunting, and shoes.
  • Avid reader of books… made of paper.” Does this makes me an un-environmentally friendly hoarder?

Bonnie Malone

‘About Me’ in 150 words or less. Okay, It’s actually 158!

  • Originally from New England, but I have lived many places. I have a completely generic accent to prove it.  I currently live in my husband’s hometown, Buffalo, NY
  • I’m a bit of a health food junkie and can often be found at our local juice bar.  Can’t find me?  Check the local coffee house.  I’m the one looking through the lens of my iPhone.  I like to indulge in a latte now and again.  For instance, I  might drink a latte now and then AGAIN, in an hour…
  • I love cupcakes, art galleries, edamame (steamed with salt), music, red wine, long walks, beach combing, the “sound” of snow falling on a cold winter’s night, and lattes.  Wait… did I already mention I love lattes?
  • I have two kids that rock my world each and every day, and who are a constant source of inspiration.
  • My favorite quote, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love” ~ Hal David

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