Project 52- Week 52 – Merry



It seems fitting for me to round out the year and to end this project 52 photo challenge with an image that helps to define who I am as a photographer.  I love to capture everyday spontaneous moments that have meaning, and this picture of my daughter and niece spinning around perfectly illustrates what a happy, merry Christmas we had with our visitors this year in Texas.  I think the fun and joy in their faces is heartwarming.

I took this image in Galveston on a cold afternoon, with overcast skies but beautiful light, using my Canon DSLR paired with my 50mm 1.4 lens.  My ISO was set at 100 because of the bright light, my shutter speed at 1/640, while my aperture was wide at f/2.0.  I love my 50mm lens and find that its sweet spot starts at around f2.0-2.2.  It tends to be a little soft at 1.4, although that setting has certainly proved useful in very low light when I haven’t wanted to use a flash.  I cropped the image in Lightroom 4, lowered the highlights and whites, and finally increased the clarity.



As the new year approaches and the Christmas season begins to wind down, I thought I would post what I consider to be one of my ‘merriest’ photos of the season.  This is my neighborhood cafe all decked out for the Holiday.  The best part is that the people inside are just as merry and inviting as the store front itself.

This shot was taken with my iphone 5. I began the edit in snapseed where I sharpened the overall photo to highlight the snowflakes.  I then slightly faded the photo and increased the highlights and grain in VSCO. Then loaded it into squaready for an instagram download.

Many thanks to our readers for following along this past year. It’s been a pleasure to share with you over the past 52 weeks.

“A camera is a SAVE button for the mind’s eye.” ~Roger Kingston


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