Project 52 – Week 42 – Hot & Cold



Hot and Cold.  While getting my son out the door for an early morning swim meet, the outside temperature was 32 F (feeling like 25 F ) and the heat inside was set at 67 F, giving us a storm door covered in condensation.  We typically don’t write on the storm door, but I thought it would make the photo a bit more interesting! 😉

After the fact , I wish I had both taken and edited this photo with my iphone.  I think it would have had a much more interesting edit.  I instead shot this with my Canon DSLR with my 35mm F2 lens attached.  My settings were ISO 200, F/2.8 and shutter speed 1/200.  I did the edit in lightroom where I increased the contrast, clarity, highlight tones and sharpened a bit.  I also applied a rebelsauce preset.  I actually prefer this photo in black and white, but then I lost the gorgeous yellow maple tree seen through the front door, so I opted to keep it in color.

“A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye.”~Roger Kingston



I don’t think I have been original at all with my choice of subject this week for ‘hot and cold’.  Lacking in inspiration I fell back on a traditional favorite, hot, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies paired with an ice cold glass of milk straight from the fridge.  I used a shallow depth of field to create a little drama in the photograph, focusing on the bubbles in the glass of the just poured milk.

I used my Canon DSLR paired with my 50mm 1.4 lens to take this image at around 1:30 in the afternoon in our kitchen.  It’s a beautifully bright Sunday, and so I set my ISO at 100, my shutter speed at 1/60, and my aperture wide open at f/1.4 to create a shallow depth of field.  I did very little post processing in Lightroom 4, just cropping the image and increasing the exposure and clarity slightly.


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