Project 52 – Week 39 – Imagine



It was my daughter Ella’s homecoming dance last night and my husband and I wanted to decorate the front of the house to help make the evening special for her and her friends.  One of the ways we did this was by hanging blue and white paper lanterns and pinwheels from the trees in our front yard. Rain was threatening to fall all day and I was so worried that it would wreck the fragile paper, but we were incredibly lucky and the bad weather didn’t break until early this morning. When we had an opportunity to take the soggy decorations down, Ella and I noticed how the dye had run on the blue paper which, streaked and soaked, made beautiful patterns.  When I eventually downloaded this particular shot it struck me that I could easily imagine that I was actually looking at a perfect blue lily resting on a dark green pond, sparkling with reflected light from the sky above, instead of a paper pinwheel, hanging from a sodden string, with the leaves of the trees and clouds in the background.  Imagination is a wonderful thing…

I took this image at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon using my Canon DSLR paired with my 50mm 1.4 lens.  I knew that I wanted the pinwheel to be sharp, and the focus of the picture, and that I wanted to create bokeh in the background using the light shining through the branches and leaves of the tree.  To this end, I set my aperture wide open at f/1.4, while my ISO was set at 100 and my shutter speed at 1/100.  Finally, in Lightroom 4 I increased the contrast and clarity in the image, and shifted the saturation and luminance of the greens and blues.



Can you imagine a day with green stalks still bearing fresh corn hovering high over your head and each step of your path warmed by a deep blue autumn sky?  I can. It was my day yesterday.  Yes, we left the wineries and grape vineyards behind and opted for pumpkin patches and corn fields this weekend.  It was the perfect day for a drive to the country.  We picked pumpkins and indulged in some western NY cider, and then treated ourselves to a corn maze.  After an hour hike through the fields, our kids found the exit. If they weren’t with us, I think my husband and I might still be searching for a way out.

This photo was taken with my Canon DSLR using my 50mm 1.4 lens.  I was looking up over the corn stalks and directly at the sun when I shot this photo, so I adjusted my settings accordingly.  With an ISO of 100 and a shutter speed of 4000, there was still too much light using my favorite aperture setting of 1.4, so I increased my aperture to 2.8.  I was looking for a quick edit of this photo, so I sent it directly to my phone.  I straightened, cropped and sharpened in Snapseed and then applied a couple of textures  to the image in the MEXTURES app.

“Imagine a world without photography, one could only imagine.” ~Berenice Abbott 


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