Project 52 – Week 32 – Lazy Days



It’s official, the ‘Lazy Days of Summer’ are now numbered.  With the kids starting school in just three short weeks, we are doing our best to enjoy the late mornings, soak up the sun, squeeze in a few more family adventures, and relish in some more late night giggles with friends.  Oh, and finish up that summer math and required reading!   We will miss the summer of 2013, but are eagerly looking forward to the new school year.  The days are getting a wee bit shorter, a tad bit cooler, and the outdoor pools close in less than a week.  Yikes, it is time to start thinking about welcoming in the the change of season.  But, today there was nothing on the schedule except for back to back voice lessons for the kids, and a date with a few good books at the park.

This photo of my daughter, in her pretty floral sandals and reading Pretty Little Liars, was taken with my Canon DSLR using a 35 mm lens.  It was early afternoon and the skies were overcast.  My settings were ISO 100 , shutter speed at 1/800 and an aperture of F2.  I did the edit in lightroom where I played with the contrast and brightness of the photo, and applied two presets from the  RebelSauce Italia collection.  I had originally planned to change the photo to black and white and leave it at that, but after applying the second preset , I fell in love with what the sepia tones added to the overall photo.

Still missing Alex and hoping to have her back as soon as she is able.  Feel better soon, Alex!!


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