Project 52 – Week 27 – Red, White, & Blue



Considering I was in the UK, home of the Union Jack flag, and France, home to the Tricolour, you would think that I would have an automatic red, white, and blue picture.  Normally, I would have a ton from the 4th of July celebrations here in the US, but as we were out of the country, my pictures were non existent this year.  So this photograph was actually taken this morning, next to our pool.  Ella is flying back from the UK today with my mum, we dropped Jack off at Engineering camp at A&M in College Station yesterday, so it’s just Will and me, and this firecracker popsicle is his treat for helping me do the grocery shopping this morning…. clearly not his favourite vacation past time!

This image was taken using my Canon DSLR, paired with my 50mm 1.4 lens.  I chose this particular lens because it has wonderful shallow depth of field capabilities.  It’s hot and bright today in Kingwood, TX, and so my ISO was immediately set at 100, with my aperture at f/2.2, and my shutter speed at 1/1250.  Post processing in Lightroom 4, I increased the exposure and contrast, and then played with the luminance and saturation of the reds and blues in the image.



Happy Fourth of July! Better late than never, right?  Our celebration was actually far from the usual this year.  My son was home from camp for the day, but my daughter and husband were in Houston, leaving us to be a family divided.  But, we all seemed to enjoy our festivities none-the-less.  God Bless the Land of the Free.

Jack and I took some photos on the Fourth, but since Libby was traveling, I had nothing of her.  That leaves me grateful for lagging behind on the blog, because it gave me an excuse to tell her to throw on some patriotic colors, grab a flag and meet me up the street at the auto shop.  Yep, they have an awesome blue wall that I like to borrow now and again.

Took this photo under an awning as the sun was just starting to set. I was happy with the original photo except for the fact that one of  my daughter’s legs was too bright.  So along with cropping, I played with the contrast on her legs in snapseed. I then used a filter and changed the saturation in VSCO.  After, to add something a little fun, I typed the wording in the Beautiful Mess app.  LOVE that app.  Lots of fun doodles and fonts.

“The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.” ~Anne Geddes


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