Project 52 – Week 26 – Life



Somebody turned 14 this week, and although this photo exudes ‘bed head’, I love the moment it captures.  Libby sharing the excitement of opening presents with her brother and our shih-tzu.  The day just got even better from here , with a trip to the Niagara Falls Aquarium and a summer outdoor concert for Libby and friends that evening.  Life as a 14 year old is pretty awesome! I can tell you already that I absolutely LOVE the age. It is an amazing blessing to watch my baby girl blossom and grow into a person I both respect and admire.

I shot this photo with my iphone 4.  There was some natural morning light flowing in through the windows, but the picture was a bit dark, so I brightened in snapseed, along with sharpening and cropping.  I then changed the photo to black and white in VSCO and adjusted the highlights.

“Photography is the beauty of life, captured.” – Tara Chisholm



The third leg of our vacation this summer was spent in Honiton in Devon, England, which is where my husband Trevor’s parents live.  Although Trevor had met Daisy, our niece, before on a fleeting visit back to the UK years ago, the kids and I hadn’t had the pleasure yet, and we all instantly fell in love with her.  It was so fantastic watching the six cousins catch up, goof around, enjoy each others company to the fullest, and I’m so grateful that they travelled down from the north of England to spend the weekend with us.  Ella and Daisy, despite being over ten years apart in age, were definitely kindred spirits, in addition to physically matching, both beautiful curly blonde hair bears.  I captured a ton of pictures of them playing around on the trampoline one morning, and this is just one of many fun images.  They are full of happiness, energy, synchronicity, life…. life is truly good!

This photograph was taken at around 11 on a bright, but initially overcast, morning.  I used my Canon DSLR, paired with my 17-55mm f.2.8 lens, as the zoom gave me flexibility in a fairly confined space.  My settings were ISO 250, aperture f/2.8, and shutter speed 1/400.  Although I have kept a lot of these trampoline shots in color, I wanted to convert this one to black and white to give it a timeless quality, and so this is immediately what I did first in Lightroom 4.  I then decreased the tint and exposure, increased the contrast and clarity, then finally decreased the highlights, blacks, and shadows.


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