Project 52 – Week 20 – Details



I got up close and personal with a dandelion this week. Although they are considered to be a weed, I absolutely love them.  I love when they are bright and yellow and I love them even more when they turn into big white puffs, as pictured above.  Make a wish and and give it a blow…

I took this in the late afternoon sun on my iphone 4 with the macro olloclip.  It was actually such a sharp image that I softened the detail a bit and played with the contrast and brightness in snapseed.  I also cropped and straightened.

“Most of the dandelions had changed from suns into moons.”~Vladimir Nabokov



I knew that I wanted to try out my new macro lens for this particular prompt, but it’s been one of those busy end-of-the-school-year weeks when I just haven’t been very well prepared.  So to kick off the start of Memorial Day weekend, we had a barbeque by the pool this evening.  Will was the first of our family in the water and as he got out I snapped this image looking down at him, trying to focus on those wet eyelashes as well as highlight those bright orange freckles. (Once again click on the image above to see an enlarged version)

I shot this photograph at 6:30pm in the evening in our backyard which is west facing.  The sun had dipped beneath the roofs behind us so the light was pure and clean, truly the golden hour.  Once again, I used my Canon 7D DSLR paired with my Sigma 50mm 2.8 EX DG macro lens.  As it was still pretty bright, I initally set my ISO at 160, then chose a 2.8 f/stop so that I would be able to achieve a shallow depth of field and therefore highlight the eyelashes and freckles.  I then played with my shutter speed a little until I hit it just right at 1/200.  Post-processing in Lightroom 4, I increased the exposure just a little, and also the clarity and contrast, then finally adjusted the saturation of the reds in the image.


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