Project 52 – Week 18 – Mother



I originally shot this photo for a ‘rust’ hashtag with Nothing is Ordinary, one of my favorite instagram sites.  It was taken at Forest Lawn, which is a historical cemetery, arboretum and museum. It’s a beautiful sanctuary where I always find inspiration.

These angels decorate a well that serves as a burial marker. I quickly spotted the rust from the road and knew I had my photo for the day.  As I got closer I realized the carvings were of angels dancing, and with that, I immediately thought of my Mother. This angel above even looked like my Mom.  Petite and fragile, and spotted with fallen green blossoms.  A perfect representation of my Mom’s green thumb.  Having passed away almost four months ago, this is her first spring in Heaven.  And for being so far away, it’s amazing how we feel her presence each day. So many opportunities have lent themselves to us since her passing. Every day it seems like one of us in the family is putting ourself out on a limb reaching for the stars, knowing that if we start to fall, Nana will be there to catch us.  Although we miss having her here with us, her spirit has given us such a strong sense of peace.  And as much as she loved us when she was here on earth, that love feels magnified as she watches over us from above.

So, it is this whimsical angel that I chose for ‘Mother’.  Shot with my iphone 4 in some amazing morning sun, I lightly edited in snapseed and qbro. I first cropped and then played with the contrast and brightness. To subtly highlight the green blossoms, I  selectively adjusted those areas where they gathered.

For a happy ending, chosen by nio moderator, Penni, this photo was featured with Nothing Is Ordinary representing ‘rust’!  If you are an instagram user, you can check it out at @nothingisordinary

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”~ Alfred Stieglitz



This is my youngest son’s last year in elementary school, and so ends the tradition of bringing home hand made crafts for Mother’s Day.  It’s hard to believe that he’ll be going into 6th grade in middle school later this year… he’s growing up so fast and this is another bittersweet benchmark to remind me of that fact.  So it seemed perfect to mark week 18 of this photography project. and ‘Mother’ with this planted seedling in a decorated pot that he just gave me this afternoon when he came home from school

This image was taken at 3:45 on Friday afternoon in our hallway where the light was still pretty good.  I used my Canon DSLR, paired with my 50mm 1.4 lens as I knew that I wanted to achieve an extremely shallow depth of field to highlight the gift that my son was holding.  My settings were ISO 500, shutter speed 1/125, and aperture f/1.4.  In Lightroom 4, I increased the exposure, the clarity, and vibrance of the image.

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