Project 52 – Week 14 – Inspiration



‘Inspiration’… There are the constants that move my emotions and intellect; my kids, husband, friends, daily blogs and more. And then there are the daily surprises. The ones that add that special spark to your flame, energizing your day to new heights, and keep you moving in a positive direction at all times. It might be as profound as sought out words written by your favorite author, the art found in a national gallery, or a book club conversation with your girlfriends. Or it might be as subtle as a stroll down a side alley of a city street, a word exchange with a stranger at the bus stop, the perfectly ripe avocado, or the detail in the faded dandelion as it blows away in the wind. No matter how big or small, it’s that moment when your way of feeling or seeing is changed. Photography helps keep me inspired at all times. Some inspiration is more evident and some harder to find. My camera keeps me seeking out the spark. Capturing colors, shapes, and emotions that might otherwise pass me by.

To be honest, I could have posted any photo for this week’s theme. For there is ‘inspiration’ behind every picture I take. And it’s through the capture itself and/or the editing process, that I too hope to inspire others in their creative process. My last week of ‘borrowing’ my daughter’s photos, this is my edit of her view of the bay from Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. Inspiring, huh? Through this snapshot, my daughter has inspired me to not only see the color blue, but as many shades as possible, to continue to look at things from as many perspectives as possible, to always seek out and embrace the light, and to stop and take it all in. Yes, STOP and breath. This capture inspires me to be thankful and appreciative of God’s work as an artist. It also inspires me to want to travel to Normandy and see this view with my own eyes. Maybe next time she will let me tag along. 😉

Shot with my daugher’s iphone 5. And for for the edit, I sharpened and cropped to a square in snapseed and filtered in qbro.

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.”~Pablo Picasso



My husband and I are pretty much opposites in many ways, he’s athletic and I’m not, he’s fab at Math and Science yet I’m the arty one who loves to write. We most certainly share a dry, quirky sense of humor though!! I look at our kids and it always strikes me how they each seem to have inherited the best characteristics of both of us, and I admire them so much, all 3 truly inspire me. The main joy I find in photography is documenting my family, preserving a little slice of the present for the future. It’s the spontaneous moments, the day to day goings on in our lives, rather than set up posed moments, that mean the most to me. So I definitely would place my family very highly on my list of inspirations, and behind my motivation to learn new methods and techniques to improve upon my skills whenever I can. And here at last I can explain the picture above. I’ve been on a constant quest for years to nail crisp, clear, sports pictures of my kids. I’ve done pretty well in the past but at last I think I’ve finally cracked it and the last piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. Today I learned how to back button focus and decided to try it out at my son Jack’s track meet this evening. The image above captures my 13 year old son mid flight as he tries out the triple jump competitively for the first time. I was inspired by my son, by my desire to improve my photography and take a great shot, and by my love of documenting the present for the future.

This image was taken at around 6:30 in the evening, using my Canon 7D camera paired with my 70-200mm f/2.8 L lens. As the light was dimming, my ISO was set at 640, my aperture was f/3.2, and my shutter speed was set at 1/400 so that I could freeze motion. I used back button focusing and also set my camera to Al Servo. Post processing in Lightroom 4 I increased the exposure of the image, and also the contrast and clarity. I’m really pleased with the finished photograph!


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