Project 52 – Week 12 – Perspective



Shooting from different angles, changing up one’s composition, or seeing the world through your subject’s eyes are a few examples of ‘perspective’ when it comes to photography.  I originally planned on posting a forced perspective photo for this inspiration.  My son and I had fun going out yesterday and shooting from different angles to make it look like he was holding a large tree between his finger and thumb, and painting a very large canvas at the art museum.   But in the end, it was a photo my 13 year old daughter sent me via text this morning that I decided to publish this week.  With her consent, of course! 😉

Libby left for France early Monday morning to take part in her middle school’s French Exchange program.  The girls and chaperones were lucky enough to spend a day in Paris before heading to Normandy, where they have since been greeted by their individual French families, have settled in and fully immersed themselves into the French culture.  Thanks to modern day technology, Libby has been able to keep me a breast of the happenings with not only face time and texts, but photos too!  I must say her photos have been spectacular and I have been so impressed with her composition.  The group of 8 girls all have a responsibility and Libby’s job is that of group Blogger.  She is a wonderful writer, and with some amazing photos attached, her entires have been very entertaining and informative.

This photo was taken with Libby’s iphone 5 on an overcast morning.  She obviously shot from ground level looking up.  For the edit, I simply changed it to black and white in VSCO and slightly faded the photo.

“Je suis ici! I am here! We’re in Paris. It’s so pretty”~Libby Malone




How to make a 2 dimensional picture look 3 dimensional?  The use of converging parallel lines to convey one kind of perspective – linear perspective  – was something I remember learning about back when I had drawing lessons at school during art class far too long ago.  An avenue of trees, for example, or a street of tall buildings, seem to merge together at the horizon a distance away.  My husband and kids took part in such an amazing event this past weekend when The Color Run came to Houston.  Billed epically as the funnest 5k run in the world, it was certainly bright, colorful, exciting, and memorable.  At various stations throughout the run, volunteers with large bottle backpacks filled with liquid paint (very reminiscent of Ghostbusters actually!), sprayed the runners who all wore white Color Run tshirts.  At the very end, as you can see in the extra picture I’ve added, each participant had a packet of powdered paint which they ripped open after a countdown and flung the contents in the air.  Truly a lovely morning!  My perspective picture was taken right under Highway 59, just before the finish line to the race.  My eye was drawn to the bridge supports under the freeway and how they got smaller and smaller, giving a great sense of linear perspective and thus 3-dimension.  It’s not my prettiest photo for sure, but it definitely illustrated the prompt for the week.

Taken at around 9:45 during an extremely chilly yet very bright morning, I used my Canon DLSR and my 17-55mm f/2.8 lens.  It was darker under the freeway bridge, and so although my ISO was set at 100, my shutter speed was 1/80 and my aperture was f/2.8.  Post processing in Lightroom 4, I increased the clarity and contrast quite a lot, and also cropped the image slightly.


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