Project 52 – Week 9 – Time



There’s a foolproof way of quantifying time in our household at the moment… it seems that my eldest son Jack grows half an inch each month.  So in the last 6 months my 13 year old boy has outstripped both myself and my 15 year old daughter in height.  He asked me this morning why I was so fascinated with charting his growth and why I seemed so surprised that he and I are no longer on eye level.  I replied that one day when he has a child of his own and he can remember so clearly the day that tiny little scrap of perfection was born then he too would feel amazed at how quickly time passes and astonished at how tall they have suddenly become.  I know our kitchen wall is a mess of smudged graphite marks, but I still love to look at it, pull out that pencil, hardback book, and tape, and then mark off my kids’ height.

I took this picture at noon in our kitchen which was quite dark, so I focussed and recomposed so that I could use the available light from the window of the laundry room in the background.  Using my DSLR with my 50mm 1.4 lens attached, my ISO was set at 500, my shutter speed at 1/80, and my aperture at f/2.2.  Post processing in Lightroom, I used a preset brush call Gradual Cool Haze from Pretty Presets for Lightroom to even out the dark areas to the left of the image.  I then used another brush to increase the clarity of the pencil writing on the wall.



Time, how precious it is.  Having recently lost my Mother and watching my kids blossom into their teens, I have never been so aware of  how fast time goes by.   It is so important to embrace each and every day and live it with vigor.

This sundial sits on top of a mausoleum in the historic Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY.  The base is engraved with the following: “The best is yet to be” “The last of life,” “For which the first was made”  and “Grow old along with me!”    That’s a lot to ponder, isn’t?!  The sundial itself is very large in stature and can be found in the Garden of Time.

I took this photo with my iphone around 9 am.  It was very overcast and a spring snow had just stopped, which is why the stones are wet and puddled.  I edited in snapseed and VSCO.

“I don’t take pictures. I only try to capture the past.” ~Konrad Dwojak 


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