Project 52 – Week 7 – Love



It’s simple really… after over 23 years together, 17 of them married… 4 degrees, 6 houses, 2 continents, and most importantly 3 children later… I still want to hold his hand on the sofa when he gets home from work.

Taken at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, this image was shot using my Canon 7D paired with my 17-55mm f/2.8 lens.  My ISO was 2000 in the diminishing light, my shutter speed slow at 1/50, and my aperture open wide at 2.8.  I converted the image into black and white in Lightroom 4, and reduced the temperature a lot, then increased the exposure, contrast, and clarity.



What a great week for ‘Love’.  Not only did we celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also my 24th wedding anniversary!  I have to say I had an abundance of photos taken within days that would fit this week’s theme, but I landed on this photo of old love letters from my husband.  I am amazed I still have them all, and tied up in raffia to boot!  Ahh….  a sign of the times. 😉   Shot with my iphone, I cropped and added some blur in snapseed,  and then ran it through an Instagram filter.

“Is love like art – something always ahead, never quite attained.” ~Edward Weston 


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