Ringing in the New Year with Project Life 365



Happy New Year from Two Friends through a Lens!  Both Alex and I are excited to be back and looking forward to sharing our photographic adventure as we head into 2013.  Along with taking part in the Click it Up a Notch 52 week challenge (see our new page), we will also be posting other photos and information to the blog. It is our hope to share as much as possible with you, whether it be camera information, editing advice or even to blog about a cute new camera strap that we think everybody should have! 😉  We are learning as we go and would love to share what we learn with YOU!  We had a great response to our last two photo challenges and really appreciate the interest.  And for that, we thank you!  So with out further adieu…. Anybody interested in Project Life 365?

Project Life 365 by Design Aglow describes themselves as “an interactive photo a day challenge that helps you develop your visual literacy by guiding you through daily prompts that engage your imagination.”  Anybody can participate by signing up on the Project Life 365 website.  Daily photos can be shared with family, friends and the Project Life 365 community by posting on sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  I am excited to be participating  and looking forward to not only seeing how my own year unfolds through photos, but also those of others.

Todays inspiration is very fittingly, ‘resolution’.  Although, I typically find myself making changes on any day but January 1st!?!  But since the later part of 2011 and all of 2012 was a complete overhaul for myself and my family, my resolution this year is to continue doing what we have been doing.  One of the changes we made was healthy eating and lots of water.  It’s such a simple thing that has a huge impact on how you feel both physically and emotionally.  So pour yourself a glass of water and toast to a happy and healthy new year.  And if you find yourself inspired and decide to sign up for Project Life 365, look for me on instagram at jandbmalone.

I took this photo with my Canon DSLR framed in pixlromatic.  It was just THAT simple.  Oh, and the cute water bottles?  Target!


3 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year with Project Life 365

  1. How fun! We are doing a friends 52! Look forward to seeing your posts. Also- I had a really hard time figuring out where to comment….just wanted to warn you in case others had that problem. The thought bubble is a really similar color to the blog. 🙂

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