Day 12 – Unwrapped



For those that know me, you know my Christmas ‘wish list’ consisted of three things this year.

1. My children’s wishes to come true on Christmas morning.  There were things I knew they intentionally left off of their lists this year and I REALLY wanted to be able to SURPRISE them with the unexpected.

2. A WHITE Christmas!  I live in Buffalo, NY.  So surely that wasn’t too much to ask for, right??

3. Anything and everything Meyers.  I love Meyers cleaning products in an any assortment of fragrances or ‘flavors’! Click the link to check out them out!

So were my kids, surprised?  Let’s just say it was one of the BEST Christmas mornings ever, filled with lots of appreciation and gratitude.  And as you can see from the photo above, I got my white Christmas, with more promised snow to come in the next couple of days!  And yes…  my Meyers! Orange Clove, Rosemary, Bluebell and Lavender.

I shot the photo around 9:00 am with snow clouds over head.  I used my DSLR with the 50 mm 1.4 lens and my settings were ISO 100,  aperture wide open at 1.4, and a shutter speed of 1/320. I focused in on the Meyers products, which helped create the pretty bokeh from the Christmas lights behind.  I sharpened and enhanced in iphoto.

Happy New Year to all of our readers.  May 2013 be filled with all you hope, dream and wish for.

“Photography is the art of frozen time…The ability to store emotion and feelings within a frame” ~ Meshack Otieno



A very Merry Christmas to you all from the Hurley family!

Will and ‘unwrapped’… a few of his favorite things and an insight into the colorful character and personality of my amazing 10 year old son.  He’s a builder, an engineer, a budding percussionist, a problem solver, a huge fan of both the Lord of the Rings and Minecraft, and an absolute pleasure to be around.  And, oh yes, he loves to play in the woods with his best friend Ryan, all decked out in army gear (hence the helmet).

This final photo of our current challenge was taken at 11:30 on Christmas morning with my Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 lens.  ISO was set at 2500, aperture 2.8, and shutter speed 1/50.  In Lightroom 4 I converted the photograph to black and white, increased the exposure and tint, and decreased the temperature, contrast, and clarity a little.


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