Day 6 – Carols



Nothing puts me more in the Holiday spirit then the sound of Christmas Carols. And if they are sung by my children, then it’s even better!!  Last night we attended the Holiday Concert at our middle school.  My daughter is a member of the chamber choir and my son is in the 5th grade choir.  Both of my kids were not only blessed with the voices of angels, but the ability to perform with true emotion. Between Jack’s quartet, Libby’s solo piece,and an AMAZING combined choir with the symphony orchestra, I was brought to tears of joy.  Yes, nothing gets to me more than the sound of Christmas music.   We also had the opportunity to watch my daughter and the rest of the chamber choir perform again this afternoon at the Roswell Cancer Center.  The kids lit up the lobby with their voices and smiles, in hopes of spreading some Christmas cheer.

This photo was taken in the lobby of the hospital.  I find myself easily getting distracted with “being in the moment” this Christmas season and missing some photo opportunities that I typically would not let slip by.  But, I was able to shoot a few photos and enjoy the music from a level up.  This was shot with my iphone 4 and edited in pixlromatic, applying an overlay and changing to black and white.



My son Jack plays the cornet is his 7th grade band and does a great job as second chair, especially considering his lackadaisical attitude towards it.  I would’ve loved to have posted a picture here of his Christmas concert last week but firstly, that would’ve been cheating (I know I’ve bent the rules before!), and secondly I didn’t have a shot of just him alone in the school group.  He keeps his own cornet at school, and this one is a loaner that each student is given to practice with at home.  It’s well used with many dings, scratches, and even a little rusting on it.  But there’s nothing quite like the sound of carols played so wonderfully by a talented group of 12 and 13 year olds to get you in the Christmas spirit!

I took this photograph this morning using my DSLR and my 50mm 1.4 lens.  I knew that I wanted to create a little more interest to the shot by playing with a very shallow depth of field (the part of the picture that is in focus) and so I focused on the mouthpiece of the cornet, with the intention of blurring out the rest of the instrument.  My aperture was therefore set at f/2.2, my ISO was 500, and my shutter speed 1/80.  This was set up on my kitchen table at around 11 o’clock this morning, and it was fairly dark and dismal.  Post-processing in Lightroom 4, I increased the exposure, contrast, white clipping, and clarity, and adjusted the shadows so they weren’t as prominent.


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