Day 5 – Warmth



It was 81 degrees here today in Kingwood, Texas so there was really no hope whatsoever of snapping a photo of snuggling in front of a fire, or wrapped up in warm, winter clothes.  Instead here’s a picture of my golden girl, Ella, studying for her end of semester finals in the backyard after school today.  In fact it got so warm that she had to come inside to cool off.  Shorts, aviators, and Uggs one week before Christmas… not forgetting the pink hat… Happy Holidays!

Taken at 4 o’clock this afternoon in full, blazing sun on our back patio next to the pool, I used my 85mm 1.8 lens.  As the conditions were so bright, my ISO was set at 100, my shutter speed was 1/1250, and my aperture was adjusted to f/3.5.  I did make some fairly dramatic changes to the image in Lightroom 4.  Ella has great style and definitely has a 70’s hippy chic vibe so I decided to try and give the image a retro, vintage feel.  I decreased the exposure a little and the highlights a lot, to compensate for the preset brushstroke called ‘Gradual warm haze’ from Pretty Presets for Lightroom that I applied.  I love the end result, it’s just perfectly ‘Ella’.



There’s that red cup again, and yes, that is a fire on my iMac. It has the crackle and all, and I swear that thing actually heats up my office! 😉 And that is exactly where I’m staying while my kids bundle up and one heads to swim and the other theater.

I took this photo with my Canon DSLR using the 50 mm 1.4 lens.  It was late afternoon, so there was some natural light and I had a desk lamp on. My settings were ISO 200 F 1.4 and Shutter Speed was 1/100. I first cropped in iphoto and then I did the rest of the edit on my iphone. I brightened and center focused in snapseed and then I ‘awesomeized’ in Camera Awesome.  Camera Awesome truly is awesome and probably one of my favorite editing apps.  It’s also very entertaining as it processes the edits, sure to make you laugh!


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