Day 4 – Shopping



So I’m officially done with my Christmas shopping (or so I thought).  In truth I finished a while ago and I’ve been avoiding the mad, packed shops like the plague.  So I improvised for the blog today and decided to illustrate cyber shopping instead, which I have actually done quite a lot of, the frequent trips to the cardboard recycling bins at the school testament to the amount of boxes I’ve accumulated.  I think this is the first year that Will hasn’t asked for one single specific item, instead insisting that he would be really happy with “surprises”.  Setting himself up with the Lego store on the iPad this afternoon illustrated that really he does have some very specific wishes after all.  I should’ve known that a Hobbit obsessed 10 year old would totally fall for all the new Lego goodies.  Maybe I’m not done with my Christmas shopping after all…

This photograph was taken at around 3:45 in the afternoon after Will had got home from school.  I decided to use my go to, walkabout lens, the Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens.  Will had set himself up on our sofa and there isn’t much room behind it, so I didn’t want to tackle a prime lens with a fixed focal length, I wanted to be able to use a zoom.  My ISO was set at 1000, my shutter speed 1/60, and my aperture was set at f/4.  Post processing in Lightroom was pretty minimal.  I cropped the image very slightly, decreased the temperature, increased the exposure but decreased the highlights.  Finally I increased the clarity and sharpened.



Christmas or not, my favorite place to shop in Buffalo, NY is on Hertel Avenue. Not even a mile from my home, it offers some really unique shops and casual lunch spots.  Some of my favorite stores are P.S. Accessories, Room and Modern Nostalgia. Favorite cafes would be SPOT Coffee for a latte, or Romeo and Juliet’s Bakery and Cafe to split a salad and panini with a girl friend. Oh, and if you have never tried the grilled blueberry banana bread at Bertha’s Diner, you REALLY should!!  😉   Click on their names and check out their websites!

This photo was actually taken in the morning before the shops were open.  My daughter and I finished up some last minute Holiday shopping here yesterday afternoon, but to be honest, we were accomplishing way too much and having too much fun shopping to think about taking photos.  So this shot I took this morning while my husband and I window shopped and stopped at SPOT for a latte. I just love all the festive decorations and lights, and each store has their own unique window displays. We could just feel the anticipation of the stores opening in the air. Fun, fun, fun!!

I snapped and edited this photo on my iphone 4.  I first applied the ‘sweet’ effect in Camera360.  I then wanted to apply an instagram effect, but did not want to crop to a square.  So I used the squaready app and added  a black border.  I was then able to run the photo through instagram. I then cropped out the black border and framed in pixlromatic.

“If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.” ~Lewis Hine


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