Day 18 – Dramatic


Dramatic… When I read it was the challenge for the day, I just knew I had to wait until evening when my daughter Libby would be dressed to celebrate a friend’s Bat-Mitzvah with dinner and dancing.  Being a thirteen year old girl, with many special friends of the Jewish faith, it is a common event, and one she is always honored to be a part of.  Today’s celebrations were even more special, because Libby was able to share it with Chloe-Alizee, our French Exchange student.  Chloe, like my son, takes Latin, so the morning Temple service, followed by Kiddush Luncheon, was easy for her to follow along with.

I took this photo at about 6:30 pm in our basement.  All white walls and lots of lighting, it’s a great spot for portrait shots.  Libby was a great model, giving me serious, silly, cute and of course the occasional peace sign and ‘duck‘ face! 😉  I chose this more serious look for a ‘dramatic‘ effect.  For the edit, I first cropped to a square in Snapseed and then  applied the sweet effect in Camera360.  I moved to Instagram, where I applied the earlybird effect. To add a touch more flare of ‘drama’, I used the local effect in pixlromatic.  This added the perfect touch of lighting that I was looking for.  I then polished it with the film frame.

Ahh….  My baby girl and her friends are growing up. And oh, what fun thirteen is proving to be.  I guess before we know it, it will be on to ‘Sweet’ Sixteens!!


I wasn’t quite sure what kind of subject I would end up with today for my ‘dramatic’ picture.  Will went to a paintball birthday party this afternoon, his first ever time.  He was a little nervous, but very excited, and I could tell as soon as he got there that he was going to have a blast.  I took this picture as the sun was going down behind him, so that I could incorporate sunflare to give the image a dramatic edge.  He had just come back from their first skirmish and had orange paint splattered on his face mask to prove he’d taken a hit.  I think he looks like an extra from a post-apocalyptic movie set.

The picture was taken at about 4:30 in the afternoon.  I tried to focus on his right eye (to the left in the pic) but the camera couldn’t read any kind of edge and therefore wouldn’t work, so instead I focused on the grooves of the helmet around the mouth area.  My ISO was 250, my shutter speed fast at 1/800, as my aperture was wide open at f/1.4.

In Lightroom 4 I decreased the exposure and the white highlights, but increased the clarity.  I also adjusted the shadows and black clipping to try and enhance the image.  Finally, I also sharpened the photograph.


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