Day 12 – Friendship


This is my son, Jack (left) and his good friend, Tristan.  Jack and Tristan swim on the same swim team.  Tristan representing Elmwood Franklin and Jack, Nichols.  They have had an amazing swim season, winning the 9/10 Division today and tying the overall win at their Swim League Championships.  Walking away with trophies and ribbons is great, but walking away with a special new friendship is even better.  These two boys connected day one.  The jokes, laughter, the cheers and support.  One of those very special friendships that are often hard to find, and sure to last a lifetime.

I snapped this photo as the boys were saying their goodbyes. The lighting, what little there was of it, was far less than desirable, so I knew the original quality of the photo would be bad, but the emotion behind it would be powerful.  I began my edit in my typical place, cropping to a square in Snapseed.  Then I used the Extreme Black and White Preset in Photogene2 and finished it up with the Gloss Frame in the same app.

We are sad the swim season is over. Jack will miss seeing Tristan four days a week. But this photo will be a reminder of the bond they have.  I can still hear them laughing while I snapped this shot, and Tristan saying, “Jack, you can’t leave.  We are glued together.  Jack, we are glued together!” ❤


It made me smile when I first saw Bonnie’s photo and blog post, because I also chose to use a ‘Jack’ in my image.  I’m writing this on Sunday evening but tomorrow (November 12th), when this blog will be published, my son Jack turns 13!!!!!  I can’t believe that he’s reaching the teenage milestone this year… he is growing up so quickly, just a few weeks ago he overtook me in height.  That still brings a lump to my throat .  Jack and Will, who is 10, are so lucky to have each other.  They are brothers and the best of friends. Currently both obsessed with ‘Minecraft’, the concentration on their faces is intense, and right then (at least) they were in perfect harmony.

This picture was taken in our gameroom, which is at the front of our house over the garage.  At the beginning of the summer, we painted it white, and it’s been an absolute joy to take photos in, the light is so good.  So even at 4 o’clock on a grey, gloomy day, the picture came out very clean and pure.  My ISO was set at 1600, and my shutter speed was 1/25, which both allowed me to close the aperture to f/5.0, so that I wouldn’t blur Will out too much in the background.

I really didn’t do very much to the image in post-processing.  There were minor changes to the contrast, clarity, and exposure.  I’m really happy with the way the colors pop against the mainly white room.

Finally, HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY JACK!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Day 12 – Friendship

  1. I wasn’t sure what y’all were going to do for friendship! Both sweet pictures! Oh Alex Minecraft is huge in my home as well…agh…I have a love hate relationship! 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I love how this photo just drips family harmony. There doesn’t have to be anything special going on, just brothers hanging out is enough. It’s amazing how similiar they are, yet so different as well. You have two very fine young men there Alex.

  3. Love the white background Alex. Happy belated birthday Jack! Next time I make something chocolate I am sending some your way. A teenager already…wow.

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