Day 10 – Low Angle


Low angle…  I was ready for a fun edit with this one!  I actually took the photo because I LOVE the copper roof on this house.  It’s located right next door to one of my favorite coffee houses, Cafe Aroma, in Elmwood Village.  I am just convinced that one day, while walking to get a latte, there will be a ‘for sale’ sign on this house, and then it will be mine! 😉

I took this picture from street level looking up at the second story and roof.  I almost never use the zoom button on my phone, because I never seem to be as happy with the quality of the picture.  However, I did zoom in about 50 percent for this shot.  I lost a bit of the ‘angle’, but it really helped capture the copper.

Then came the fun part.  I went into Snapseed and auto corrected color and contrast.  Then in the same app, I applied the Drama 1 filter.  This created some really great  sharpening and brightening.  Then I went into the Watercolor app.  I have not used this one on the blog yet, but it is a favorite that I love to apply on architecture and landscape photos.  Applying the level of paint and balancing it with the correct brightness can sometimes be tricky, but it’s always worth the time.  Taken in a morning with very little sun, the photo still felt a bit dark, so I went into Lensflare and added the Sol Invictus  effect.  This added just enough light to bounce off that gorgeous roof.

“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” ~ Ansel Adams


I absolutely HATED this day of the challenge!  I took and discarded more pictures that I have so far, and I’m still unhappy with my finished image.  With the focal distance of the 50mm lens, it was difficult for me to get a low enough angle on a subject.  Our trees were too small, our house wasn’t tall enough to show anything other than the roof and the top of a window.  I just didn’t get enough perspective.  I was clearly doing something wrong.  So my husband arrived home this afternoon from almost a week in Malaysia.  He changed flights in London, where he purchased and brought home a number of goodies from my home town… a Dairy Milk bar and a Cadbury’s Flake (already eaten), a packet of Walker’s Worcestershire sauce crisps and some Hula Hoops (they lasted about 2 minutes!), and finally I noticed the Tic Tacs.  Now if anyone knows me well they will laugh that I chose Tic Tacs as the focus of this photo, I love them, and always have a box with me somewhere.  I’m used to the US packaging after so many years, and the logo “less than 2 calories per mint”.  If you peek at the top of my UK box in the photo, the logo is instead “Refreshing Little Lifts”, and I thought how quintessentially British of them, and maybe they’d be good in my photo challenge today.

I took this picture at about 5:15 in the afternoon on our front porch.  I tried to get down as low as I could so that I could look up at the Tic Tac box, and not have it completely filling the frame.  My ISO was set at 320, and my shutter speed was 1/200.  I set the aperture at f/1.4 because I really wanted to focus on the logo and get that as sharp as possible by blurring the surrounding areas.

My aim Lightroom was to make the box, particularly the wording, ‘pop’ as much as possible.  I slightly increased the exposure and more so the contrast, clarity and sharpening.  Finally I deepened the shadows.  If you want to see the image larger just click on the image.


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