Day 1 – Orange!


What could be a better example of ‘orange’ than my youngest son Will, who is 10?  Orange hair and orange freckles!  He wanted to be Legolas for Halloween this year but we struggled to find a costume.  So he is a Legolas/Elf/Robin Hood hybrid.  He loves to dress up and get in character and so he is fabulous to take photos of!

I love taking pictures in the ‘golden hour’, and as I’m not a morning person for me this is ideally not the hour after sunrise, but instead the hour before sunset.  The light is fantastic for taking photos.  There are many Golden Hour calculators to help you pinpoint when this time of day is.  I used yesterday and it told me that the best time to take photos would be during the hour starting at 6.01pm.  So this picture of Will is taken at about 6:15pm, the sun has just dipped down behind our house and Will is standing in front of the garage.  He is a few feet in front of it so I would get great depth of field and blur out the background.  This is why you don’t see the square shapes on the metal garage door.

The camera I shoot with is a Canon 7D and I was using my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens.  As it was still so light, my ISO was set at 125, and my shutter speed was 1/200.  Aperture was at it’s widest for this lens, f/1.4, to get background blur. I like to make any edits to my images in Lightroom 4.  I made very slight adjustments, increasing the contrast, clarity, vibrance, saturation, and sharpening.  Finally, I used a preset ‘eye sparkle’ brush that I purchased a while ago from Pretty Presets for Lightroom, and enhanced his gorgeous blue irises.


Orange… Lot’s of ideas for orange, but I have to admit, I almost felt obligated to capture the signs of autumn.  I once wrote a children’s book called, My Favorite Season.  The first page reads…. “Orange, yellow and red are the leaves.  As one by one they fall from the trees. What is your favorite season of all?  Mine happens to be the season of fall.”

Having been gone from the defined four seasons for 10 years, I now, more than ever, appreciate each month of the year and the changes they bring.  I frequent the outdoors and capture as much as possible on camera.  I think that is where my love of “iphoneography” (the art of taking pictures with Apple’s iphone) blossomed. As you will see throughout this challenge, I tend to capture every day life as I see it. Much time spent in the city cafes, parks, etc…, and carrying my iphone is just easier than lugging around my Canon DSLR.  Especially in the snow! 😉

So here is a photo of “orange”.  A beautiful sugar maple in Delaware Park in the heart of Buffalo, NY.  Taken while dodging the lingering rain showers left by “Sandy” on a very overcast day.  As mentioned in our opening post, all my photos on this blog will be taken with my iphone 4.  In addition, all photos will be edited exclusively on my phone. So, for this photo, what did I edit with?  Snapseed, for cropping, brightening (very much needed on this gloomy day)and sharpening (so the leaves would “pop”). Then, Camera 360 and Instagram for effect.  As much as I love “snapping” life as it happens around me, I especially love the editing process and creating my own little work of art.

“The virtue of the camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking.” ~Brooks Atkinson


9 thoughts on “Day 1 – Orange!

  1. Wow….very nice, both of you. I like both pics but for very different reasons. Good thing this isn’t a contest or I’d be hard pressed to choose a winner.

  2. Love both pictures ladies…. Fabulous! I love the new blog! Can’t wait to see all your pictures…. You are both so talented!

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